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Loves me, loves me not ..

Two Mike Griffin petitions are making the rounds: one to keep him, the other to not. Presumably these will be forwarded to President-elect Barack Obama. Meanwhile, take the openLangley poll!

Langley at critical juncture

Former Langley employee Doug Dwoyer makes a call for action to position Langley in the future with a new administration coming in. Dwoyer’s call comes in an opinion piece that ran in Daily Press yesterday. View it here.

Our job as a community team is to make sure that the new administration recognizes these challenges, and recognizes that NASA and in particular NASA Langley can be major contributors to meeting the challenges. We only have a brief window to set the stage. Six months to a year from now, NASA’s direction within the Obama administration will be defined.

Dwoyer is a former associate director for center operations at Langley and currently is project director for the Hampton Roads Research Partnership and a member of the NASA Aeronautics Support Team.

Administration team leads

The Obama-Biden Transition Team today announced a broad list of Agency Review Team leads that will complete a thorough review of key departments, agencies and commissions of the United States government, as well as the White House, to provide the President-elect, Vice President-elect, and key advisors with information needed to make strategic policy, budgetary, and personnel decisions prior to the inauguration. See Science, Tech, Space and Arts Team leads > Continue reading ‘Administration team leads’

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